Shira-Oka:Second Chances

If you could re-live High School all over again, what would you do differently?

So what is it? Shira-Oka: Second Chances is a japanese style Dating Sim game in the vein of games Like Tokimeki Memorial and Princess Maker. It combines elements of Visual Novels with stat management and an activity scheduling component.

Where can I find out more? You can check out the game's website and how to buy it here.

How and why? I started out as a writer but quickly switched over to being the Gameplay Programmer for the fine folks of Okashi Studios.

The game's engine was written mostly from scratch in C++, features a custom scripting language and runs on Mac and Windows PCs.


An RPG played entirely in one room!

So what is it? An atempt to dissect the modern CRPG into its basest elements.

All the activity takes place in one room while still featuring what is usually expected out of CRPGs: monsters, combat, loot, lore and character advancement. (all right, we're missing exploration... that's for the sequel).

How and why? Made for the 2012 GDC Pirate Kart using the Flashpunk engine.

Super Matador 3

A platformer with three distinct viewports!

So how does it work? The playing field is split into three views with certain game elements only appearing in certain views. Keep track of all three views while collecting flowers for your darling and dodging or stomping on your fiece enemies!

How and why? Coded for the 2010 Global Game Jam using the Flixel engine.


Dapper mice settle their differences through pugilism!

So what is it? A one-on-one fighting game prototype using experimental controls for two players or one player against a rudimentary AI.

How and why? Created for the PunkWeek competition using the Flashpunk engine.

Website Defunct
Food Raid

A board game about stockpiling food, snacks and drinks during a game jam!

So what is it? A board game for four players built during the 2011 SPSU Fall Game Jam. (prototype board featured)

Why? I was a tad burned out of coding coming into this Jam so we decided to try our hand at designing a board game and writing a clear enough manual for it. It got a good reception during the play-testing sessions during the jam, but it probably still needs a bit of tuning.